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Xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack

Dec 6, 2015

If you own an Xbox 360, you will have to need a rechargeable battery pack. Thus you do not have to worry about battery life when you play games. An Xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack will give more extra battery life.


Need to get a lot more than one battery that is rechargeable able to go all the time?

Prepare yourself for nonstop gaming: rechargeable battery pack supplies up to 25 hours of gameplay per charge.

Do not miss a thing: While you play together with the Play and Charge Cable recharge, or keep some additional Rechargeable Batteries juiced using the Fast Charge Kit.

Economic: save your money.

Rechargeable batteries will finally wear out. The amount of time a rechargeable battery lasts depends on the way often the battery charge and how often you make use of the battery. The battery will not continue as long if you use the battery just sometimes in case you are using the battery often.

Why purchasing an xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack

Up to 40 hours of gameplay per battery on one charge*

No more disposable batteries for your Wireless Control

Works with Fast Charge and Charge and Play Kits

Using the Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack, you will possess the ability to play on and on. Bid farewell to batteries that are disposable, as the Rechargeable Battery 2-Pack can be your ticket to nonstop gameplay.

A rechargeable battery pack will give longer game play without having to worry about battery life. It will give extra up to 40-50 hours gameplay with one single charge.

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