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How Much Does a Typical Car Battery Cost

Dec 6, 2015

Some people may wonder from time to time a car battery will actually cost. Several variables are depended upon by the parts price of a car battery replacement. Included in these are the attribute of mostly the brand of the battery, where you buy and the battery. Remember, the higher the quality, the higher the car battery price.


DuraLast is the manufacturer of a number of the lowest priced batteries out there. Typical costs vary from around $40 to $50 to get a stock replacement battery and up to $60 to $70 to get a battery having a capacity that is somewhat higher.


Interstate Batteries are some of typically the most popular replacement batteries accessible. Interstate has been operating since 1950, so they have a rock solid reputation among automotive enthusiasts. Prices for Interstate batteries vary from around $50 to the low end up to around $90 on the high end. Interstate has one of the strongest warranties in the market.


Exide Corporation makes some excellent batteries for automotive uses. These batteries will also be highly popular among automotive enthusiasts and machinists looking to save customers a little cash in comparison to a few other brands. Average prices will range with two high power worldwide batteries averaging $50 and $70, based on complete production.

Optima Batteries

Optima is a relative novice. This is because they have been additional high output batteries made using superior materials and construction techniques. The prices for this particular brand reflect $250 being considered a sale price for their ultra high end version, and those higher standards, with $150 signifying a very good deal price for their entry level battery.

Keep in mind that both the worst and the best car battery will come from the same brand. So do shop your batteries based only on brand names.

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