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What does a Car Battery do

Dec 6, 2015

You may wonder what battery actually do in your car. In sum, a car battery will just start your car motor and then engine will provide all the power the car needs.

Car batter will provide the rest of the electrics and the starter motor in the car when the engine isn't running. When the engine is operating, the battery isn't desired as of which functions quite definitely just like a bike dynamo, the alternator runs all of the electrics in the vehicle.

Electricity will be generated by a dynamo when you peddle if fitted to your cycle.

The single difference between an alternator and a dynamo is that the current is alternated by an alternator to DC a dynamo will not.

A car battery is dependant on lead-acid battery technology. This technology has existed for decades, it's comparatively cheap, it's dependable even in the brutal surroundings of a car (large temperature swings, plenty of shaking, etc.), and a car battery will usually last three or four years before wearing out. Overall, that is an excellent pair of features when compared with other battery technologies.

For instance, here's what the results are in a single cell of a car's lead-acid battery:

- The cell has one plate made from lead and another plate made from lead dioxide, having a solid sulfuric acid electrolyte at which plates are immersed.

- SO4 ions, hydrogen ions and Lead dioxide, plus electrons from the plate that is lead, create water and PbSO4 .

- As the battery discharges, PbSO4 is built up by both plates and water accumulates in the acid.

A lead-acid battery includes a feature that is fine -- the reaction is not fully irreversible. Should you use current to the battery in the proper voltage, lead and lead dioxide form again in order to reuse the battery over and over.

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