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What Is The Battery Voltage

Dec 6, 2015

You have seen the word “voltage” in most of your electronical devices, such as you mobile phone, your digital camera or your car. But do you really know what does voltage mean your battery? Like, your iPhone use a 4.5V battery, but your flash may need just 2 AA batteries to work. Here we are going to let you know what is a battery voltage.


A larger difference in possible outcomes in a voltage that is larger.

The Voltage History:

The volt, the unit of electric potential, is named in honor of Alessandro Volta, a physicist credited with devising the primary electrochemical cell. His cell consisted of a zinc along with a copper electrode immersed within an electrolytic solution of water and salt. He also popularized the electrophorus, a machine that may generate big levels of static charge. It was not, yet, invented by him, though he's frequently credited with doing so.


While high current can be, since it's a difference in electric potential as an alternative to a number of electric current, high voltage isn't always dangerous. The analogy of a water hose is usually used when discussing electricity. Current, measured in amps, describes how quick a specified volume of electrons go past a specific point in the circuit. Most batteries to be found on the marketplace could have high voltages, but the amperage accessible depends on the circuit the battery can be used in, not to the battery.

As battery technology has advanced, people can use smaller and more powerful electronical devices that are running on battery power. The prevalent usage of lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries, for instance, has enabled cell phones to become exponentially smaller than their forebears, largely because of the low power-to-weight ratio. In such batteries, a lithium ion goes another manner during recharging, as well as one manner involving the anode and cathode during discharge.

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