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What Types of Battery Last the Longest

Dec 6, 2015

There two most common types of batteries out in the market: alkaline batteries and non-alkaline battery. Today we are doing a test to find out which battery will last longer and the relation between battery shelf life and cost.

What is the problem:

Which batteries last more: brand-name generic or, alkaline or non-alkaline?

Materials we need:

Try and get batteries that all have approximately the exact same expiration date (at least within the exact same year), and notice the cost you paid per battery. Here are a few ideas:

Brand name batteries:






Generic brands:



Rite Aid

Kirkland (Costco)

Several indistinguishable torches that require two AA batteries (get one torch for every kind of battery you want to evaluation)


Masking tape to behave as labels


Pick a day where you will have the ability to track your experiment throughout the day. Ensure that you begin your experiment each day!

Tag each torch together with the version of battery that torch to examine will be used by you.

Load each torch with two of the correct version of battery.

Turn the flashlights all on at the same time.

Until it expires track each torch. Record your data in a graph like this:

Testing Results:

Nevertheless, you might have discovered that alkaline batteries last more than non-alkaline batteries.

The reason behind:

A battery creates current by way of a chemical reaction, where new substances are formed on either side of the battery. Generally, the more chemical substances a battery has that can transform into other substances, the longer it continues, and this can be partially what describes alkaline batteries possess a small substance edge above their non-alkaline counterparts.


Don’t waste your money on the more expensive battery if you can find a cheaper one. There is no relation between the longevity and cost in battery. But keep in mind that alkaline batteries last longer than non-alkaline counterparts.

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