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Domestic gym equipment manufacturer

Dec 6, 2015

DO you know what are the domestic gym equipment manufacturers? gym equipment, indoor fitness is more hot an emerging industry in recent years, domestic gym equipment manufacturers by the impact of foreign brands, under the certain stimulation, to Mai Po Hector gym equipment manufacturers of home fitness equipment manufacturers continue to innovate and occupies a place in the fitness equipment industry.

Now in China the biggest and reputation of the best gym equipment manufacturers should be Mai Po Hector, in 2001, Mai Po Hectorr gym equipment manufacturer's chairman Mr Zhao Shilong begin to enter the fitness equipment industry, founded in shandong Texas NingJin "long dragon" fitness equipment manufacturer. from the moment into the industry, Mr Zhao Shilong with a lofty ideal, to create a belongs to China national brand that is famous in the world!

In addition to Mai Po Hector, there are several domestic bigger gym equipment manufacturers, such as: Mary, evergreen, good family, some impulse, Mr. Rhett, three fly, the British guido, baode dragon can also, etc. T

there are many companies, including many Taiwanese manufacturers in the domestic open a lot of fitness equipment factory do product is fine. medium: Sportsart qiaoshan, history of emperor fly, bodysolid, health care, and so on is fine. high-end: health, space, will indeed, "thought, the star chi, and so on sportsart.

Above is the domestic some well-known gym equipment manufacturer, all conditions permitting, for your own healthy body,  we can to go to the gym do more exercise after work, if you want to install some fitness equipment in their own home, in the selection of fitness equipment, in order to use the safety, we try to choose these manufacturers, of course, more important is to see the quality of the product, but the quality and after-sales brand manufacturers are good.

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