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The camping review guide

Dec 6, 2015

Now more and more people like to go camping, and camping review guide for camping is very important thing, because this is designed to our life. in the wild, there is often a sudden emergency, and we need camping review knowledge to just in case.

Camping is to prepare their own props, living in the mountains for the night, so the security is very important, camping review guide we should not only before going on to read, understand we have to bring the equipment, to wear clothes, shoes and so on, the more important is camping review guide can also let us have some details that should be paid attention to survive in the wild, if you encounter some emergencies, or have a certain psychological preparation.

We should know very popular recently Bei ye and his environment to camping bad than we a lot, and we are camping mostly contact a lot of Tour pals to go. Bei ye have a lot of experience in field survival and emergency response measures, all can be used as our camping review guide, before camping we to understand camping scientific knowledge and skills relevant to, including camp, camping equipment, camp life, camping skills, emergency treatment etc.. For example: tents and use pay attention to matters, sleeping bag, dampproof mat, mattress and pillow, cooking utensils and tableware and bottle and lighting and so on.

If you want to go camping relax, I suggest you to read more camping review guide, these things are very important to you, like the weather forecast, how to find the water, the diet of collocation and some dangerous animals and so on. only we understand these common sense,we should take enough to prevent yourself in a dangerous situation.

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