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The image of the paper and modelling

Dec 6, 2015

Paper we are not unfamiliar, but the image of the paper will be a lot. According to the characteristics of paper materials and techniques, we can design a stereoscopic, adornment sex is strong paper relief work. Learn the method of making paper embossing: design, drawing, production; Practice basic techniques: paper sculpture carved, folding, volume, combination, etc. Exercise the three-dimensional modelling ability, learn to image generalization ability, experience the aesthetic feeling of paper relief decoration works. So today we can through the imagination of the image of the paper, to make a paper embossing. 

    Dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation, in our country there are a lot of dragon sculpture, there are two zhang is the imagination of the image of the paper: paper and paper embossing, and we see now is two Zhang Yilong sculpture depicting the pictures, by summing up and the data we can conclude: they are round, round, also known as the three-dimensional carving, independent of the space, on the ground or hanging in the air, suitable for appreciation of sculpture from different angles.) And relief (relief belongs to three-dimensional form, it is a form of sculpture art, refers to the image of the sculpture on the plane with concave and convex performance). Of course this is the perfect symbol for the image of a paper. 

    The image of paper is not only that, in fact, we usually will be observed: some delicate things appear on paper. More common is to use it as the stars, such as roses, this not only reflects the people's intelligence, which also reflected the people's a kind of innovation. 

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