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Paper origin

Dec 6, 2015

Papers, I think as long as college students, they are written. But do you know the source of the paper? Academic writing is very important, it is a personal measure academic level and an important symbol of scientific research ability. In the academic paper writing, topic selection and selection is the first important problem. Scientific research practice has proved that only chose a meaningful topic, is likely to receive better results, write a valuable academic papers. So academic papers and material selection of topics, research work is carried out before the significant step, preparation is necessary. Here introduce you to the origin of the paper. 

   Questions about paper origin can be said to be debated, there is much to be said on both shiva said shiva. One of the most interesting is said: imitation said. Imitation is one of the most ancient theory of  paper origin . It holds that the fundamental difference between people and animals are good and imitate,. Democritus thought, the thesis originated from the imitation of nature: "what have we learnt from the spider weaving and sewing, from the swallow has learned to build a house, from the swan and orioles singing bird learns to sing." This reflects the ancient people not only make the origin of primitive art, and the occurrence of all the human wisdom and strength, are seen as a natural inspiration and imitation of nature. Aristotle, on the basis of further pointed out that imitation is human nature. 

   Imitate said not only advocate art is the imitation of nature, but also emphasize art is the social life, including people's true feelings. Is art an imitation of natural and social reality theory, has been the belief in the basic principles of traditional realism. The paper as a kind of literature and art, also it is easy to know the paper origin . 

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