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Paper width and the dimensions

Dec 6, 2015

We usually is no stranger to paper, but do you know the height 、 the paper width ,paper length? The following analysis may be more professional. In fact for the body of a book, open the meaning of number and size is the same, but with its cover and insert paper number, because its area is different, its meaning is different. Here is the size of the paper, to help you understand the paper width is clear. 

    Due to the international and domestic paper width there are several different series, so even though they are cutting into the same number, but the size of the specification is not the same. Although after binding book, what they called the size, but the size is different. Due to domestic papermaking equipment, paper, and the existing matrix, and many other reasons, the old and new standards still need to have a transition period, with the cutting size degree: 16 big size 210 * 297 (mm), 32, 148 * 210 (mm) and 64 size 105 * 148 (mm); Is degree to: 16 size 188 * 188 (mm), 32, 130 * 184 (mm), 64 size 92 * 126 (mm). That is to say, either an open version, are all very clear what is the paper  width , and be clear at a glance. 

    In our commonly used in the paper, paper size commonly used printing paper generally divided into paper rolls and sheet two. According to the national standard (GB147-89) the width of the roll paper size is: (unit: mm) 1575; 1562; 1400; 1092; 1280; 1000; 1230; 900; 880; 787; Sheet width size is: (unit: mm) 1000 m by 1400; 880 x 1230 m; 1000 x 1400 m; 787 x 1092 m; 900 x 1280 m; 880 m by 1230; 900 m by 1280; 787 m by 1092, so, for the standardization of classification, though very professional, but very clearly as well. If others ask you: the paper width 。You can be a definite answer. Hope to help you. 

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