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Price of paper and computing requirements

Dec 6, 2015

   Paper in paper packaging products occupy more than sixty percent of the cost, therefore, the vast majority of paper packaging enterprises are used to price fluctuation kongfu in the paper. Of course, this also have to consider the needs of the actual product, not without bottom line or cap to set the price of the paper. The price of that for a piece of paper, how should we calculate? 

   Actually we can printing paper when the price is calculated according to the following requirements: 1. The paper material (paper such as bond paper or kraft paper, domestic or imported, don't ignore this one, price difference is very big); 2. The paper weight per unit area (for example, the 120 g or 157 g) 3. The light of paper dumb face (paper is one side or double light) 4. The paper pattern (smooth white paper grain/beautiful/stripe/case grain, marble, etc.). 5. In the paper printing style (plain text or illustrations, colour or black and white) 6. Print the same number of print (with the more quantity, the lower the unit price of course) 7. Packaging and binding way; 8. Plus shipping costs (if nearly generally you don't have). 

   Of course, in addition to these, you what kind of logo printed on it, there are multiple! If is 1000 Zhang Zhengdu 16 bond (white paper) the price of about 50 ~ 60 yuan. And in different parts of the printing factory price difference is very big. You put the best material performance of printing materials and other requirements to tell printing company, let them quote to you! So, through these simple requirements to calculate the price of paper, I believe, after he told you use and purchase will be of great help. 

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