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Pallets size and use requirements

Dec 6, 2015

  The pallets size  is an important standard logistics unitization. Pallets and storage shelves, handling of the product, container, transportation vehicles, the unloading platform and handling facilities has a direct relationship, so the pallets size  is the basis of considering other logistics equipment size. Tray beam shelves, for example, the beam width of the size of the most common is 2300 mm and 2700 mm, the former bearing with two 1200 mm x 1000 mm tray, the latter bearing put three 1200 mm x 800 mm pallets. 

  Here, in particular, to establish an effective tray utility system, must use the standard specification of the pallets, pallet standardization is the precondition of tray homework a consistent. When choosing pallets size should consider the following factors: 1. Want to consider the size of transport and transport equipment; 2. Want to consider the packing specification of pallet loading goods; 3. Want to consider the universality of pallets size; 4. Consider using area of the pallets size. 1200 mm * 1000 mm tray used most widely in the whole world, also the most widely used in China. 

   In our daily use, besides should consider pallets size, also need to consider the pallets use and selection of the main points of the pallets selection can be considered from the following aspects: a) pallets size; B) the application of requirements; C) the pallets material; D) pallets structure; E) the cost requirements. Hope these can help you share. 

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