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What Affect Yarn Price

Dec 6, 2015

  In this section of the Yarn Prices, we will talk about yarn price and what affect yarn price. All we all know yarn is very important in our life. And there are several main yarn products countries whose policy will affect yarn price. Here, we will provide links to various resources to help you learn more about the pricing and pricing methods of yarns.

  The International Trade Centre at CottonGuide.org has put the yarn pricing situation into very good context. And they have indicated, there are no futures contracts in cotton yarn, and so no public trading data are available, and most companies are loath to divulge their private financial results. Further, the range of yarn types and qualities is much greater than the range of qualities for cotton, making it more difficult to determine average yarn price levels. For instance, there are yarns for weaving and knitting, carded yarns and combed yarns, singles and doubles, ring spun yarns, open end yarns, air-jet spinning and other types as well as weights. 

  Therefore, information about yarn prices is gleaned from trade publications based on word-of-mouth reports from the sales yarn industry. In many markets, less than half of cotton yarn production is sold as yarn. Instead, much yarn produced around the world is first woven or knitted into cloth by the same company before being sold. Thus data on yarn prices are difficult to estimate, and ranges are often published by major textile industry magazines and trade journals.

  Yes, as we refer to above, we know that the yarn price is affected by many factors, some natural factors and some man-made factors. We can’t conclude the factors affect yarn price to several fixed factors. If you want to learn more about the yarn price, you can surf on the Internet and search more information about it. In a word, yarn price is not only connected with economic, but also politics.

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