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What is a truck pull

Dec 6, 2015

What is a truck pull? Why does a passing truck pull in a small car? It is important for us to pay attention to think this question. If we think what is a truck pull, then we should consider a freeway, a street here where we have a very large truck that is passing right by a small car, since there is air in front of the truck, the truck will press against this air and create a pressure.

Then when the truck passes quickly by the small car, the pressure to the sides will be less than this pressure that the car is inducing by traveling very quickly right by the car.

So, what is a truck pull is much more clearly to us, because of that what the truck is doing is essentially inducing a sort of vacuum effect which is created by the differences in the pressures. Outside right by the truck and this pressure that the truck is inducing. So much like a large boat creates a wake in the water behind it, this wake can pull in smaller vehicles, smaller water craft, a

Similar thing happens here where this difference in the pressure will cause a vacuum effect and it will pull in the small car as the truck passes by.

Now we have known what is a truck pull, and it is very dangerous to us.

Since we know what is a truck pull, then we should keep in mind to stay away from the truck when they passed by.

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