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Tell us what is metal forming

Dec 6, 2015

The metal forming of metal products are dependent on the usages of metal products, properties of molding mud materials, dimensions of molding metal products and molding devices. High density metal products require high molding pressure and slow molding speed, such as metal products used in blast furnaces. 

But there are some difficulties in molding the fine particles and corresponding refractory materials, because these materials are difficult to discharge air. The main technical measure we take is to reduce the molding speed in the first stage, and remove the punches to discharge air. 

The dimensions of molding metal products can also affect the molding speed and unit molding pressure. The volume of metal products can change according to the volume of injected air and linear dimensions. Therefore, in order to discharge air, we should have low molding speed of large scale metal products. With the increasing of ratio between the height of metal products and the diameter of horizontal surface, the molding pressure is high, and this is because the friction loss is increasing. The choice of metal forming is restricted by current molding devices. The molding speeds of mechanical press machines are dependent on the dynamics of metal forming, and adjust the rotation speed of the devices. The molding speed changes according to the revolution in the whole period.

Currently used metal formings of metal products are dependent on the molding devices. And the production ability and quality of metal products are determined by the experience. Though these are not always most proper, there are useful to choose the best metal forming of metal products.

So above tells us how to choose the metal forming of metal products.

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