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Make use of metalworking hand tools

Dec 6, 2015

It has been recognized that metalworking hand tools are now widely used in many construction fields, such as highway construction, office building construction and other places. metalworking hand tools are playing a more and more important role in our real life. metalworking hand tools have a wide application in our real life. In this essay, it will briefly tell us usages of metalworking hand tools.

Metalworking hand tools are mainly used in construction industry and light industry. The total demands in these two industries account about 30% of the whole demand of metalworking hand tools. If we measure the consumption amount of metalworking hand tools according to the development speed of domestic economy and previous consumption basis, the consumption in the first half of this year can reach about 4 million tons. 

Besides, metalworking hand tools can be used in household field, air conditioners have a large demand for metalworking hand tools each year. And they are the main consumers of metalworking hand tools. For example, the back of indoor air conditioner machine, an internal parts and shield of outdoor machine are all made of metalworking hand tools. In average, an air conditioner need about 22 kilograms of metalworking hand tools. 

Besides, metalworking hand tools can be used in washing machines. The consumption amount on each washing machine is about 8 kilograms of metalworking hand tools. The auto industry is a main industry that need a lot of metalworking hand tools. The consumption amount in auto industry is larger than the demand amount in household industry. For example, in 2007, the metalworking hand tools demand in auto industry is about 3100 thousand tons. And the demand has a stable increase annually.

Above tells us the usages of metalworking hand tools.

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