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Status of metal fabrication supplies

Dec 6, 2015

It has been recognized that metals are now widely used in many fields, especially in our national construction, including highway construction, building construction, bridge construction and so on. Almost we can see metals used in every place. metals are also playing an important role in our domestic economic industry. 


Currently, we have a large demand for metals in our country. In this essay, it will briefly tell us the status of metal fabrication supplies.

Metals have many types. We have various metal fabrication supplies regarding different type of metals. For example, there are structural low alloy metals, alloy carbonizing metals and quenching and tempering metals. Usually different metals have different usage purposes. For example, for structural low alloy metals, they can be used in bridges, ships, vehicles, ovens, high pressure containers, big scale steel structure buildings and so on. These metals have high strength, high toughness, good welding performance and good corrosion resistance. 

Besides, we may supply alloy carbonizing metals, which can be used to produce variable gear of cars and trackers, wheels of combustion motors, pistons and other mechanical parts. These parts can suffer from serous friction and abrasion during the working period. Meanwhile, they have to bear alternative loads, especially shocking loads. 

However, alloy carbonizing metals have many advantages, so they can meet above requirements. Alloy carbonizing metals have high surface hardness, central toughness, enough strength and good thermal treatment properties. Therefore, we have a large demand for these alloy carbonizing metals. We also have a large demand for quenching and tempering metals, they can be used to produce various important parts of cars, trackers, machines and other equipments, such as gears, axial parts, connecting rods and other parts.

Above tells us the status of metal fabrication supplies.

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