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Features of cat pump parts

Dec 6, 2015

Cat pump parts widely used in modern society, they mean the pumps that can calculate and measure the flow amount. Currently, there are many kinds of cat pump parts, including chemical cat pump parts, physical cat pump parts, liquid cat pump parts and so on. 

In this essay, we will get to know the features of the cat pump parts. 

The metering range of cat pump parts can be 0-400 liters per hour, and the pressure range is 0-1 MPa, while the driving mode is the motor drive. Besides, we have many other kinds of control modes, such as the hand control, automatic control and so on. For example, the electric control of cat pump parts can receive the signals whose range is between 4-20 mA, in this case, these cat pump parts can adjust the flow amount according to the signals conditions. 

Usually cat pump parts are made of various raw materials, so different raw materials have different features, which can cause the overall unique features of the cat pump parts. The shell of the cat pump parts is made of the cast aluminum, it has good heat distribution ability, and it has light overall weight. Because aluminum has many advantages, so the cat pump parts made of these materials can resist various acids and alkaline liquids. Besides, the raw materials of cat pump parts have no poison and odor. Besides, cat pump parts use the gear mechanisms, so they have no leakage, cat pump parts can be installed on the sinks or pipes. 

Cat pump parts have high performance cost ratio, they are widely used in the water treatment industry, which has low requirements for the pressure. We can also randomly adjust the flow amount when the cat pump parts run or stop, in this case, we can set the fixe output of the cat pump parts. 

Generally speaking, above tells us the features of cat pump parts. 

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