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Something about car fuel pump

Dec 6, 2015

The car fuel pumps have been used for many years ,since people found the under ground oil and tried to extract them. Then the original pump was created. Through a long history of pumping the technology and car fuel pump has been different now. 

Today, the car fuel pump is located in the crankcase so that oil can be drawn from the oil pan and send into the engine. The car fuel pump consists of three 55L accumulators, providing assistant driving force for hydraulic system, to perform load and unload of  car fuel pump.  The car fuel pump continues to circulate the oil as long as the engine is running.

Inside the transmission, an electric car fuel pump replaces the torque-converter pump.  The car fuel pump has the important task of delivering an adequate volume of oil around the engine at a suitable pressure.  Two more chains drive the car fuel pump and the two high-pressure pumps actuate the common rail injection system. To distribute the oil throughout the engine, oil must be pressurized. this is done with an  car fuel pump. Turn "Light car fuel pump Run" switcher to "ON" position and make sure the ignition burner is lit. But pumping fuels such as coal and  car fuel pump vast amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We should concern this problem.

If the compressor, the car fuel pump and corresponding reverse back, so lubrication car fuel pump will not work, compressor lubrication will occur, thus make compressor obstacles can't work normally. If the car fuel pump in the membrane segment (from fuel tank to the diaphragm pump)sealed poor gas inhalation will be low-voltage circuit, the low-voltage vacuum circuit the impact of declining  car fuel pump. 

The car fuel pump whether is working normally: check the oil box inside whether with the convective phenomenon, if without the convective phenomenon then the car fuel pump was damaged. If it has been damaged we need to repair it.

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