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Production of home air filter

Dec 6, 2015

As we all know, home air filters are materials that are directly made of aluminum. Aluminum has soft texture and good ductility, besides, aluminum has the silver white gloss. If we treat the aluminum plates to make into home air filters, they can also be used to print. home air filters have many advantages, such as good ductility and good heat resistance and so on. Besides, home air filters can well block the substances and materials, as well as the liquids that we do not need.


More and more home air filters are used in our modern society. In this essay, it will briefly introduce the production of home air filters to us.

Usually these home air filters factories have different methods to produce home air filters. There are different production methods of home air filters, for example, there are DC and CC methods. DC means hot rolling of home air filters, while CC means cast rolling of home air filters. The performances of hot rolling home air filters and cast rolling home air filters are different. For example, during hot rolling of aluminum foil, the surface temperature of home air filters is higher than the temperature of cast rolling condition. Besides, home air filters can generate oxidization films in hot rolling condition. Besides, the compound if hot rolling conditions is finer than cast rolling condition. 

Usually the production processes of home air filters can be divided into several parts, namely material preparation, melting, component adjustment, temperature keeping, particle refining, filtering, casting or rolling. We have different requirements in different processes. And we should control the temperature, pressure and time of each process, in order to achieve best performances home air filters. Besides, we should well identify and mark the materials and processes during the production of home air filters.

In conclusion, above briefly introduces the production of home air filters to us.

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