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Why is outdoor commecial lighting important

Dec 6, 2015

  Reduced power consumption than conventional lighting.Typical light output for a 60w light bulb is 800 lumens:equivalent light output for an LED light is around 9w ,which equates to 85% savings. Impact :energy cost savings.Increased operational lifetime than conventional lighting.Reduced maintenance costs for commercial applications.

Outdoor commecial lighting are available in 4 and 6 head kits. Kit includes lighted toggle switch, 4 bulbs, 2 - 20 ft cables and 2 25 ft cables.

It can be used in engineering vehicles: Excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane and mining truck etc.Specialized vehicles : Fire engine, police cars, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc.Off-Road vehicles: ATVs, SUV, truck, Fork lift, trains, boat, bus, and tanks We recommend installation at our facility Great for fleet vehicles, landscape companies, parades, etc.

MINI LIGHT BARSAvailable in strobes and rotators (strobes are the most popular) Mounting is magnetic or permanent mounts Inner & outer domes are available in clear or amber.

If clear outer dome you can specify one amber & one clear strobe head FULL LIGHT BARSLight bars are available in different sizes depending on the vehicle.

 The most common sizes are 46 or 48 for most full size trucks.  Each model can feature strobes, rotators, alley lights and directional lights We do keep models in stock and others can be special ordered.  Most popular choice is 4- 360 degree strobes, 3 double v mirrors and 2 head strobe packs.There are many advantages of truck strobe lights:

All beautifully lit spaces start with an inspired lighting design. "The dynamic and flexible solution of our customers' concerns and wishes" is our top priority. Our skilled lighting consultants are adept at merging the practical science of luminosity calculations, angles and positioning with the art of forming just the right ambiance for a space through the color, intensity and adaptability of the light. This vision is then converted into exquisitely detailed and accurate CAD plans for our loyal customers. 

All in all, outdoor commecial lighting as a new kind of outdoor lighting.It will explore more and more advantages in the future.

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