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What's led strobe light bar

Dec 6, 2015

 Led  strobe light bar can be used at Truck, bus, off road vehicle, atvs, boat, engineering vehicles(excavator,treedozer,road roller,bulldozer,crane and mining truck etc.), special vehicle(fire engine,police cars,rescue vehicle,communication vehicle,military command vehicle), forklift, trains and tanks.and so on.Specifications and product description: LED ceiling light: New construction and Remodel light; long lasting high quality LED remodel light, lifespan as long as 20,000 hours Energy efficient:12Watt LED recessed light can replace 90Watt halogen lightColor: 

Warm White 3000Kevin; CRI: 80; Input voltage AC 85V-150V; Output voltage: DC 13V-46VComplete light kit: light bulb, trim, constant current dimmable LED driver included.Flush mounts in 4.25 inch to 5 inch hole in ceiling with spring retaining clips; Compatible with most incandescent dimmer switch.The recessed lighting retrofit delivers 800lm high output equivalent to 90W halogen bulb, and consumes only 12 watts of power per hour. One bulb upgraded to LED will save you about $10 a year.With 30,000 hours life expectancy, you’ll save significantly on maintenance costs. No more frequent change or replacement for your ceiling lights.

When space for ceiling light is limited such as with drop ceilings in basements, this light will be a great choice with its compact thin design. 

The driver included has 2 lead wires on one end and a quick connector on the other. 

Specially designed spring load clips ensure fast and secure installation.

No recessed can is required; simply cut a 4.3in to 4.6in opening in your ceiling, hard wire the lead wires to the junction box directly. 

Then wire the light with the quick connector, push the spring retaining clips up and insert the lamp into the cut hole. Release the clips to finish the installation.The supplier offer two color options: 3000K warm white and 6000K daylight for various illumination requirements including residential and commercial uses. With a good led strobe light bar, this light will create a pleasant and comfortable ambiance for your living or working space. It is dimmable if used with dimmers.This product is constructed with impact-resistant aluminum alloy housing, frosted glass lens to create a uniform light distribution. It is also integrated with a low profile white trim to suit your furnishings perfectly.

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