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Have you ever used of emergnecy vehicle lighting

Dec 6, 2015

Emergnecy vehicle lighting can be used on Police,Fire engine, Ambulance, Sprinkler, Truck , Security Vehicles, Construction Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles etc.

The product can be mounted on all kinds of vehicles.Emergency lights as a special lighting, its special purpose determined its market capacity is not large, but also indispensable. 

Fire emergency lighting cost is about 0.4% of the total cost of a construction project.

In order to be familiar withthis kind of emergnecy strobe lights,you shoud be familiar with its technical data:Working voltage: DC12V(range DC11-14V).Rated power: 20W*8PCs.Overall size: 174.5*148.5*52mm.Ambient temperature: - 40℃~+50℃.Push Bulb installation.15 available flash patterns

.Set includes 8 bulbs.Includes four 10 foot cables and four 16 foot cables for bulbs.Emergnecy vehicle lighting can be super bright,improve driving safe Caution function: Use in foggy day or wet weather, warning light helps to avoide accidents. 

This pattern is cute and it's convenient to install and unload.LED Strobe light becomes more and more popular in the market. Several different models to meet any budget.

 Waterproof/Windproof/Dustproof/Anti-vibrationThere are also some points for attention: The positive electrode of the main power should not be reversed. Other voltage ranges except for th voltage required by this product cannot be as the main power of this product. 

To avoid permanent damage. During or after the operation of the emergnecy strobe light, the inner is in the state of high voltage, so, the main power must be off before the dismantlement of the back lid of the top cover, in addition, it is necessary to wait for 5minutes again. 

Otherwise, electric shocks or property lost will occur.In the purchase process of emergency lighting, we should go to a dedicated product management shop, choose a emergency protection products that was permited by manufacturers of products, and check whether there are signs and product quality inspection mark, check the product type approval certificate and inspection reports are expired or not, as well as their standard models are consistent with the purchased product.I t has to provide adequate illumination, so it can make the staff inside the building can clearly see the evacuation routes, bypassing obstacles, thus making safe evacuation of the danger zone. General requirements for emergency lighting illumination can reach 10% of the normal level of illumination.

In order to make full use of emergnecy vehicle lighting ,you should understand these characterictics .

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