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What's the price of led downlight

Dec 6, 2015

There are many advantages of led downlight.

For example,1,Security:LED is supplied by low-voltage power, so it is safer than supplied by high voltage power ,it is particularly applicable to public.2.Economy:compared with the incandescence lamp the energy consumption reduces 80%.3.Applicability:convenient apply, each unit of LED snippet is 3-5 mm square ,it can be prepared into various shaped devices, and suitable for the inconstant environment,4.Stablity:it can work 100,000hours ,the light decay is 50 percent of the initial.

Jingliang Lighting as a manufacturer of led downlight&led ceiling light in china,they can provide led downlights for your indoor lighting,and they can provide recessed led downlight for your kitchen downlight,our 12volt mr16 led and 220v gu10 led downlight can replace halogen lamp for your downlight fixtures,Designed for your led office lighting,home led light.LED lighitng downlights in china factory.

Led downlight Specifications are as following:Physical parameters:Overall size (D x H): 140 x 150mm .

Housing material: Cast aluminum.Lif espan: 50,000 hours.Surface temperature: ≤45°C.LED weld point temperature: ≤48°C.Working temperature: -20 to 45°C.Storage temperature: -20 to 80°C.Storage humidity: 20 to 80% RH.Working humidity: 10 to 90% RH.For indoor use only.Dimmable is ok.1, Original Epistar Chip 1w LED Light as light source,high luminous flux , lux  and low lumen decay.2, Patented heat sink conducts heat away from LEDs,over heat protection,ensure led spotlight longer lifespan.3 . Fast response (no delay) 4. Have 15°,30°45°60°120°for your lighting project option. 5.For the size, have different diameter and oping diameter for option..6. Easy to install , replace the GU10,MR16 100w halogen down lighting ,grille down light directly.7. DecentLux led down light series can make to be dimmable led fuction,5%-!00% section.8. AC100-240V input , DC12v input voltage both are available.

Raw Materials of led downlight:

1. High-purity extruded aluminum ,patent high effect heat transmitting lamp housing;2. Original Epistar chip1w led, more steady and low decay.3. Adopt high light transmittance lens,have 1530,45,60,120 degree for option.4.CE led driver inside , safer, longer life-span, match EU , Australia, American and most .Market led down light standard .

With the develpoment of science and technology ,the price will tend to become more affordable and reasonable.

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