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The introduction of wet dry sandpaper

Dec 6, 2015

     Wet dry sandpaper is a combination of DLC sandpaper four series of dry sand and water sandpaper the advantages of development, it is specially used in ABS, PC+GF materials such as mobile phone shell, digital camera and laptop case surface cutting and removal of burr, fix a scratch, grinding drape front, the leveling line clip and other processes.

     Characteristic of wet dry sandpaper:The abrasive distribution is uniform and the wear resistance is good! Not easy warping! The high quality of paper can guarantee the effective grinding rate and good abrasion resistance, and can get the best grinding effect in the short term.

     Specifications of wet dry sandpaper:

     1. In-tank use only.

     2. NO seals or bearings in pump head to wear out.

     3. CS--Motor vapor seal.

        CS--120Vcord with ground.

        CS--Vented pump base on 1/4 to 1/3 HP.

        CST--Vented pump base.

     4. The single vapor seal is opened by centrifugal force when pump is operating, this eliminates friction and seal wear. The seal closes back up when the pump shuts down to prevent vapor or liquid from reaching the motor face or bearings.

     5. All 3 phase pumps from Super have a keyed impeller shaft that eliminates the possibility of damage to the impeller, housing or vapor seal if the power is reversed. The impeller will not fall off.

     6. Vented vapor seal cover with the seal above safely disperse acid and alkaline vapor away from the shaft and motor bearings.

     7. For in-tank applications, the vent hole must be open for back-flow to run through when pump shut down.

     8. This elbow-union can be connected to the outlet for easy plumbing. CPVC, FRPP, PVDF materials are available.

     9. Two O-rings secure the front cover tightly and never fall off.

     10. C-clip easy to mount and unmount, secure the front cover.

     Product function of wet dry sandpaper:Dry wet amphibious sand paper, cutting force and extraordinary wear resistance and red Finland paper base make the V11 sandpaper toughness stronger, more suitable for manual polishing, both dry grinding and wet grinding are able to highlight the unique advantages.

     Use scope of wet dry sandpaper:

The cars, furniture, piano, musical instruments and other oil paint, putty powder repair, putty and other grinding, also can use at the jade, jewelry, gold, brass, plastic shell and so on.

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