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What is the classification of sandpaper rolls

Dec 6, 2015

     In actual use, the classification of sandpaper rolls is not uniform.

     classification of sandpaper rolls---Sponge sandpaper rolls

     Sponge sand grinding process has high production efficiency, good machining quality, low production cost,therefore, in the production of furniture has been widely used, the final surface quality of furniture products have a close relationship with the sand grinding process. Sponge sandpaper is the main tool for sand grinding.

     classification of sandpaper rolls---Dry sanding paper rolls

     Dry sanding paper is made of synthetic resin as binder, which is made of silicon carbide abrasive, and is coated with anti - static coating. It has the advantages of anti blocking, anti-static, good softness, high wear resistance. A variety of options for grinding fineness, metal surface, putty and coating. Dry abrasive paper generally use a special paper and latex paper, the selection of natural and synthetic resin as binder, after the advanced high - static sand - processing technology, this product grinding efficiency is high, not easy to stick crumbs and other characteristics, suitable for dry grinding. Widely used in furniture, decoration and other industries, especially rough grinding.

     classification of sandpaper rolls---Water matte paper rolls

     Relatively fine texture, water scrub paper suitable for grinding some of the more delicate texture, but also for the post processing.

     classification of sandpaper rolls---Clean net sandpaper rolls

     In the use of dust mesh sanding, can be harmful particles due to the damage caused by the fall to a minimum. And in 2013, whether it is sand or sand, Mirka dust mesh sand have a wealth of granularity range for you to choose, to meet the needs of different grinding operations. Whether it is a car, a yacht, a construction, or a plane, the dust is your best choice. In addition, the size of the P80 to the P1000 range can be guaranteed to ensure that you are completely clean and polished work once

     Compared with the traditional polishing material, there is no plug, this feature greatly extended the life of the Abranet products; very few of the agglomeration, efficient vacuum cleaner from the fundamental solution to the production of a high efficiency, greatly reduce the replacement frequency of sand plate, improve the working efficiency.

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