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Pearl abrasives turn to quality and innovation

Dec 6, 2015

Your customers are continually looking for ways to get the job done faster and more efficiently. pearl is committed to providing you with new tools that will do that for your customers, utilizing

the latest technology and manufacturing techniques.

Our team is proud to present these new products to you, having spent months designing and testing each one to ensure they meet the quality and safety requirements to carry the pearl name. your customers demand pearl products because they know pearl means quality.

Many of these products are unique innovations that you will not find anywhere else. these new solutions provide your customers with new ways to get the job done, saving time and money.trust pearl for quality and innovation that drives your customers to return again and again.

Pearl Abrasive is committed to innovation, quality and consistency, while striving to be a valued partner to you, our customers. You can count on Pearl quality across our full line of technologically advanced abrasives and diamond tools, durable equipment and unique solutions for tile and masonry contractors. 

Resin bond diamond blades offer superior cut quality over other diamond blades. they are essential in applications that require a smooth finish and minimal chipping. The pearl is designed to cut concrete,reinforced concrete, masonry, brick,block, paver bricks, soft stone and much more. it is engineered with pearl’s diamond pattern and layering technology. the pearl reactor? provides a fast cut and long life when used on concrete and masonry applications. it is ideal for use on stationary saws, hand held saws and walk-behind saws.

Engineered with diamond patterning and layering technology Extra long life Designed with slots for a fast and cool cut Continuous rim for a clean and chip-free cut Ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard materials are dry cutting 10" and 14" blades with a .080" core, the blade is thicker which helps with blade deflection without sacrificing cutting speed pearl’s new 16" double-sided tungsten carbide sanding discs is designed to remove paint, epoxy, thin-set, mastic, carpet padding and much more from concrete surfaces.it is engineered with tungsten carbide chips which can be cleaned and used many times.pearl’s tungsten carbide sanding disc is ideal for use on pearl’s sanding disc attachment and with any 17" floor buffer.

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