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Analysis of the advantages of sanding belt

Dec 6, 2015

     The sanding belt can machining of various shapes which requires high surface quality and precision.Sanding belt can not only processing common plane, internal and external circular surface of the workpiece, it can with high machining efficiency of large or irregular pieces. For example:

     Polishing of large area plate. The maximum width of the grinding wheel is only 1000mm, and the sanding belt can do more than 2500mm. Now known as the widest width of sanding belt is 4900mm. In actual use, the processing width of sanding belt grinding is common for 50~2000mm, thickness of 0.4~150mm. Its productivity is as high as 1000m2/h. This wide abrasive belt grinding can be widely used in plate, stainless steel plate, silicon steel sheet, aluminum, copper, particleboard, plywood, medium density fiber board, leather, insulation board, ceramic plate and aerospace equipment, ships and nuclear physics research facility. 

     The long diameter ratio of the workpiece, the outer round grinding. In general, we can add an sanding belt device in large standard equipment. Large quantities can be used for abrasive belt grinding machine. Such as large-sized generator rotor, roll, dryer and other parts of the outer circle and cylinder, oil pipeline, pressure vessel and so on workpiece inner circle surface processing.

     Polishing of complex shaped workpieces. Forming grinding of curved surface is difficult. However by the sanding belt of the flexible model can be conveniently used for processing a variety of complex curved surface, curvature radius is only 3mm fillet, the belt can also be the of polishing and grinding. Such as aircraft engine blades, turbine blade and navigation leaves, reflector lamp bowl, mirror, tableware, handle, plumbing equipment, and so on are available belt of high quality, efficiency of polishing.

     Abrasive belt grinding equipment variety, variety. The equipment can be carried out in a variety of general type of abrasive belt grinding on. Universal type abrasive belt grinding equipment of portable belt machine, universal belt machine, desktop abrasive belt machine; of a cylindrical abrasive belt grinder, abrasive belt surface grinder, centreless abrasive belt grinding machine and the inner circle of abrasive belt grinding machine and so on. The camshaft belt profile grinding machine, industrial tank abrasive belt polishing machine, automobile tire rims face abrasive belt polishing machine, motorcycle fuel tank abrasive belt polishing machine, special star stainless steel pots hair machine special abrasive belt grinding machine.

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