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General situation and classification of grinding discs

Dec 6, 2015

     Grinding discs is also known as the consolidation of abrasive. The grinding discs is made of a certain shape, which is made of ordinary abrasive by the bond.It is generally made of abrasive, binder and porosity, which is often referred to as the three part of the three elements of the consolidation. According to the different classification of the binder, the common ceramic (bond) grinding wheel, resin (binder) grinding wheel, rubber (bonded) grinding wheel.Grinding discs is the largest and most widely used in the abrasives, the use of high speed rotation, can be on the metal or non-metallic workpiece, the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various types of rough grinding, semi finishing and fine grinding, as well as slotting and cutting, etc..

     The grinding discs is the most important kind of abrasive tool in the process of grinding. The grinding wheel is made of a porous body, which is added in the abrasive, and is made of a pressure blank, drying and roasting. Because of the difference of abrasive, binder and manufacturing process, the characteristics of the grinding discs are very different, so the machining quality, productivity and economy are important. The characteristics of the grinding discs are mainly made of abrasive, grain size, binder, hardness, microstructure and shape.

And size and other factors determine.

     There are many types of grinding wheels.

According to the use of abrasive can be divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide, etc.) grinding wheel and natural abrasive ultra hard abrasive and (diamond and cubic boron nitride, etc.);

Shape can be divided according to flat shaped wheel, bevel wheel, wheel cylinder, cup wheel, disc wheel, etc., and according to the bond can be divided into ceramic grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, rubber wheel, grinding wheel, metal. The characteristic parameters of the grinding wheel are abrasive, grain size, hardness, bond, shape, size and so on.

Since the grinding discs is usually working at a high speed, it should be carried out before use (to ensure that the grinding wheel is at the highest operating speed, will not rupture) and the static balance test (to prevent the vibration of the machine tool). After working for a period of time, the grinding wheel should be repaired to restore the grinding performance and the correct geometry.

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