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Using method and range of abrasive cleaners

Dec 6, 2015

Abrasive cleaners refers to the mixture made of dispersion agent and auxiliary materials, abrasive, the habit also listed as a tool. The abrasive cleaners is used for grinding and polishing, and the use of the abrasive grain is free state. Because of the composition and proportion of dispersant and auxiliary materials,abrasive cleaners has three kinds : liquid, paste, and solid.

     Characteristic of abrasive cleaners:

     1 smooth grinding, grinding force, high gloss.


2. This product has the function of advantages, the rust, oil removal, removal of oxide, cleaning and so on, a variety of functions at the same time to complete, greatly simplify operation process, reduce the production cost directly.


3 the abrasive paste is suitable for vibration (grinding) light, rolling (grinding) light and eddy type (grinding) light, and can be used in the centrifugal (grinding) polishing machine, etc.


4 this product is environmentally friendly, it will not cause harm to human and environment, the use of safe and convenient. Application: it is suitable for the removal of the surface of the workpiece after rough machining operations. And has a mild sheen.

     Method and scope of abrasive cleaners:

     1, excellent lubrication performance, anti wear performance, improve the processing accuracy, surface finish, effectively protect the cutting tools, extend the service life of the cutter. Is a highly efficient energy-saving products;


2, lubrication performance, cooling performance, anti rust, cleaning performance - four can one. Remove debris, effective iron, oil, sand and other chips; there are some short-term anti rust, rust. Cooling, non combustible, safe and reliable;


3, the dissolution rate is fast, the work efficiency is high;

     4, is not easy to corrupt, good stability, long use cycle; high transparency, easy to observe the workpiece;


5, there is a good fast bubble elimination effect, belong to the bubble type product;


6, the use of very low concentration, high lubrication, anti rust effect, comprehensive use of low cost;

     7, agent packaging, transportation convenience;


8, environmental friendly and clean, no oil, no oil pollution.

     Operation method of abrasive cleaners:

     Liquid grinding agent without dilution can be used directly. Paste is often referred to as abrasive paste, can be used directly or after dilution of the abrasive fluid, oil is called the oil dilution of oil soluble grinding paste; water dilution of water soluble abrasive paste. Solid abrasive agent (abrasive) at room temperature in a lump, can be used directly or after dilution of the abrasive fluid.

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