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fastener suppliers need to be calm in the face of industry challenges.

Dec 6, 2015

     The current fastener market, in the face of the capital market to worry about the capital market, labor market useful workers, the development process of environmental protection, but also from time to time to withstand all kinds of worries: for example, the fastener suppliers in the management, the well-known brands, quality assurance in the technology, market exchange of information, the management of cultural worries.

     At the critical moment, At the critical moment, we should be thinking way.  should be thinking way.The so-called know ourselves, know yourself,we only know their own shortcomings, to find solutions to an antidote against the disease. So as to stand out in the market competition. 

     Money worries continue: fastener suppliers are still tight

     In the current market, financial problems are often mentioned, and it has become an important factor for the development of enterprises and the healthy operation of the market. Last April, the 2014 learning oriented Chinese - Enterprise Capital Forum and the first electricity business forum theme also stressed the capital strength, and raised a single high cost, narrow financing channels, information asymmetry is the main problem of small and medium enterprises financing.

fastener suppliers need to be calm

     Development bottleneck: the continuous loss of capital

     Capital to the fastener suppliers, just like the human body and blood. If the blood drains, the enterprise is certainly dead, as the human body , so shortage of funds or fracture, become the pressure across the enterprise the last straw. Zhou Dewen, vice president of the China Association of small and medium enterprises, said. Thus, the monetary tightening to a fatal blow to small and medium-sized enterprises, including the fastener industry.

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