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Safety construction requirements and measures of concrete cutting tools

Dec 6, 2015

Characteristic of concrete cutting tools:Concrete cutting is the use of water cooling the diamond rail or rope saw cutting machine openings to the concrete, demolition, construction speed, low noise, no vibration, good quality, the structure did not affect is replacing hammer, pneumatic pick, artificial drill hit the most advanced technology of large construction machinery vibration.

     Safety construction requirements and measures of concrete cutting tools:

     1, before the start, should check the motor, cable is normal, protective grounding, protective device, the blade is in accordance with the requirements, installation is correct.

     2, after the start, the first no-load running, check the running direction of the blade, the lifting is flexible, operation is abnormal, everything is normal, the party can work.


3, cutting thickness should not exceed the mechanical factory regulations.


4, to prevent the card saw blades, rope saws, etc..


5, concrete cutting operations, there is abnormal sound, should immediately stop check, troubleshooting, can continue to work.

     6, cutting the size of the concrete block should be strictly calculated.


7, the operation should be washed after fuselage, string saw blade for dry, tank drain residual water recover cable, and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

     Cutting process of concrete cutting tools:The cutting technology of reinforced concrete is mainly made of plate cutting method and diamond wire cutting method. Diamond wire cutting method has faster speed, greater flexibility and lower construction noise. Especially in the construction of the project to get more and more application. Disc type cutting method to break the traditional pneumatic chisel in cutting or directional blasting construction method, using a diamond cutting disc cutting, construction neat incision, straight, without post processing, is not limited by the construction site, environmental protection, construction period and safety reasons a limit, is widely used in the construction of all kinds of large-scale buildings, structural modification and cutting. 

     Concrete cutting tools are mainly:Hydraulic diamond rope saw cutting machine, hydraulic disc saw cutting machine (also known as hydraulic wall saw cutting machine, cutting machine, portable chain saw cutting machine, road cutting machine, large road cutting machine, diamond drill cutting equipment, ultra-high pressure water cutting machine electric wall sawing and equipment of concrete for construction of cutting.

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