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What are the abrasive products used in the process of grinding

Dec 6, 2015

Grinding is the second stage of paint process, according to the operation method it can be divided into two kinds of manual grinding and grinding machinery. For paint defects of grinding processing can remove paint mild whitening, scratches, sanding scratch, paint, gloss lost and distortion, asphalt, paint mist, acid rain blotting role. In order to provide a good basis for the polishing requirements, it is a film to achieve smooth and durable. What are the abrasive products  used in the process of grinding?

     The main abrasive products is abrasive.According to the cutting method, the abrasive agent can be divided into the physical cutting way of the abrasive, chemical cutting method and a variety of cutting method of the abrasive agent. Physical cutting way of the two types of pumice and clay; chemical way of cutting the crystallite size; multiple cutting modes is mainly a mild abrasive agent. Main characteristics of pumice, clay type grinding agent is hard material, cutting speed, using particles and paint layer friction fever, removal of surface defects, but the operation process in particle volume will not change because of the cutting speed and size. If the operator on the thickness of the film is not understand, the way unskilled is easy to wear and leak paint layer, it is only suitable for in operation is very skilled professionals.

     abrasive products---Crystallite size abrasive

     Its main features: It can gradually dissolve micro crystal particles by heat generated by friction., the volume in the operation process and gradually become smaller, produce extreme heat and the heat removal of the oxide layer, and dissolving the surface paint layer protruding part, fill up the hollow needle. 

     abrasive products---Mechanical grinding

     It is to use electric or pneumatic grinding machine to replace manual operation, according to the principle of manual operation, the general requirements for the use of grinding machine, speed is generally higher, in the 1800r/min above, so use should pay attention to prevent the high speed and produce high fever and scald film.

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