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the development of wooden office furniture

Dec 6, 2015

    Plate office furniture is the predecessor of wooden office furnitur. It is usually made of a combination of several panels. Simple and plain, but the appearance of rough, line is not beautiful.

     Functional characteristics and its application of wooden office furniture:

     Functional properties

Has two functions of using and beautiful;

Market applicability.

     Wooden office furnitur is mainly used in the general manager of the office, department manager room and the office of the company, to negotiate room, it can be shown on the company's image and management of the personality style. Wooden office furnitur including desk, conference table and file cabinet three categories.

Wooden office furniture series is self-contained, the color of furniture, appearance and environmental harmony, it makes work, meeting, storage and other functions integrated, and constitute a unique office environment.

     Development of wooden office furniture

     With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, on the basis of practical, but also pay attention to the appearance of a variety of colors, style novel. The original relatively simple plate type furniture, can not meet the needs of the office environment. So, people in the surface spray paint, add skin pad or use of steel, glass, metal accessories, material selection with more sophisticated, increase the appearance of the United States and the use of comfort, to meet people's personalized needs. Solid wood furniture in the ranks of office furniture, the appearance of luxury, Athens, reducing the natural wood grain, surface color is bright and colorful, elegant generous, concise and lively. Belonging to the office furniture in the high-end series.

     Classification and structure of wooden office furniture

     Functional distinction:

Taiwan: dining table, desk, conference table

Cabinet: wardrobe, bookcase, file cabinet, cabinet.

     By structure differentiation:

Chair of stage of the top class in a kindergarten: general from the main table, deputy (extension) table, the legs of the table, pull plate, condole ark, side cabinets, skin plate, stationery pumping etc. a few parts.

Conference table: from the table, table legs, the back plate, the plate, a few parts of the trough plate.

Cabinet: the top plate, a bottom plate, a vertical separation plate, a side (side) plate, drawer, activity (fixed) plate, diaphragm, door, roof boarding, is composed of several parts.

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