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Purchasing skills of office furniture collections

Dec 6, 2015

     The choice of office furniture collections is very important, it is not only know the size of the size of the office furniture factory, but also need to consider the balance of their company. Through many years of sales of office furniture, from buyers who understand the real needs of consumers of office furniture,I summed up the skills consumers to buy office furniture.

     First:Before buying should measure the size and  area  size of your office.And then according to the company's culture, operation mode and business needs,to design the layout of the interior, Feng Shui pattern, etc.Make the size and the area of the office furniture, highly consistent

 and avoid the office furniture fabric after the failure to meet the needs of.

     Second: the requirement of high quality, genuine goods at a fair price firm. If pure wooden furniture, pay attention to the water content of not more than 12%, best buy tenon structure rather than the nail gun system. Office furniture must be founder, diagonal must be consistent, landing to be smooth, hardware components should be strong, and doors and drawers should be open flexible. The surface of leather office furniture collections must be smooth, no bubbles, no cracks, such as joint bearing. 

     Third: office furniture is not consumable, should adhere to the principle of "Ningquewulan" at the time of purchase.Don't put the office stuffed to be bought, according to the requirements of applications, and office furniture collections placed in the area should not exceed 50% of the indoor area is preferred.The models,style and tone should be unified and very collocation, and in detail has changed.

     Fourth: Yearning for change is the consumer psychology of modern people,and office layout and office furniture collections to buy and so.An office decorated with beautiful, luxurious, but with the passage of time, this fresh feeling and beauty will also be weakened. So the office furniture collections can not be placed too full, to for adjusting furniture position leeway, the proposed choice to adjust the activities office furniture, to facilitate adjustment in the future.

     The selection criteria of office furniture collections should be based on practical principle and principle of economy.  

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