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Environmental certification of office furniture companies

Dec 6, 2015

In the office furniture company's brand in the world, environmental certification is always concerned by the parties concerned, office furniture companies and furniture manufacturers to "furniture environmental certification" as a selling point, and the general consumer, saw the office furniture environmental certification, will feel relieved many, so this certification is very important, in the sale of furniture, are playing a very important role. However, on the furniture environmental certification, there are some problems, we need to pay attention to oh.

     For the current furniture market, many office furniture companies will be a variety of environmental certification as a gimmick to attract the attention of consumers, but whether these environmental certification, is a formal institution testing issued, but it is difficult to distinguish. As some consumers said, is to look at the office furniture is not environmentally friendly, but in some office furniture store inside, light is the brand has five or six kinds of environmental certification, I do not know what kind of is true.

     Industry said that at present, the country has not mandatory certification requirements, but to take the principle of voluntary, so the current market environmental certification is relatively confusing. Often seen in the market, some industry associations, society, promotion will be issued by the environmental protection certification, but whether these associations have formal record, they make the environmental certification is true and credible but difficult to determine. These certification is also the industry known as the cottage certification.

     Office furniture company expert tips, consumers in the choice of environmentally friendly products, it is best to assign "China Environment logo" certification and "green products" quality certification, the two have official nature of formal certification mark. In addition, the "product quality inspection report" is also able to prove that the Shenzhen office furniture company's environmental protection level of the product is valid.

     So, when you choose the office furniture companies, we must recognize the real situation of the office furniture company's environmental certification, please do not choose a copy of the environmental certification office furniture companies oh. For the general consumer, we are willing to choose a large brand of office furniture companies, including a variety of certification, in the country's reputation is very good, there are many home furniture sales outlets.

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