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Funky office furniture gradually become one of the main market forces.

Dec 6, 2015

Funky office furniture gradually become one of the main market forces.

     As an important part of funky office furniture, office chair has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, our country has become the world's largest office chair exporter, exports to the United States, the European Union and Japan, more than 200 countries and regions.Our office chair production is mainly concentrated in Zhejiang and Guangdong and other regions. The market demand of the office chair is closely related to the economic level of the world. The main economic entities in the world are strong, commercial economy, good housing conditions and people's income. According to statistics, in our country,funky office furniture accounted for 20% of total sales of furniture, of which, office chair accounted for about 10% of office furniture.

     The demand of European and American market is stable and continue to grow.

     From a global point of view, in addition to the European and American markets, Oceania, South America, Africa and other regions of the total market demand is relatively small, while China, Russia, India and other emerging market demand for rapid growth, a huge development space.

     Our funky office furniture has huge potential market demand.With the sustained, healthy and rapid development of China's economy,our funky office furniture consumption to maintain sustained and rapid growth, the domestic market has been for many years to maintain more than 15% growth.

     2011 the total output value of China's furniture industry reached 1010000000000 yuan, exports 38882000000 U.S. dollars, imports of $2258000000, according to the exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar 6.30 in December 31, 2011, estimated that China's furniture industry in 2011 consumption amount of 779300000000 yuan. According to office furniture in China's furniture sales total 20% estimates, the amount of office furniture in China is estimated at around 160000000000 yuan; according to office furniture accounted for about 10% of office furniture, office chair consumption amount in 16000000000 yuan (about 2500000000 dollars).


   The number of enterprises and increase in size,in promoting the construction of office buildings and hotels and other factors, a conservative estimate, the next few years, China's consumption of funky office furniture can reach more than 20 percent growth in 2015, our funky office furniture market demand will reach 33.2 billion yuan, a huge market space.

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