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the classification of desk home office

Dec 6, 2015

Desk home office is a table for the convenience of work and social activities. OfficeMate office partners will be divided into two major categories of consumer groups: the purchase of the enterprise; two is the government procurement. But the proportion of government procurement is still not big enough,  in some areas or not enough.

     Problems of domestic desk home office: lack of scientific marketing strategy. It is reflected in the lack of long-term, stable and scientific strategic guidance on marketing, marketing, channel management, logistics and distribution, service, and vendor relationship.

     Phenomenon one: Miscellaneous (brand name), chaos (the market competition disorder), scattered (regional characteristic obvious) and other characteristics.

     Phenomenon two: low-end production, become the production base of foreign enterprises.


Phenomenon three: design ability is generally low, most can only rely on plagiarism.

     Phenomenon four: the product of desk home office lack of system design, resulting in difficult to mass production thereby reducing costs. For example, the desk, desk, desk, desk, desk are all from different hardware models, it is difficult to add output to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.

     Phenomenon five:Its lack of brand image of the establishment and maintenance, it is difficult to control the distribution channels and failed to effectively collect consumer demand information, thereby affecting the upgrading of product design.

     Classification of desk home office:

     From the composition of the material, the main points are: steel desk, wooden desk, metal desk, steel wood combined with office desk, etc..

From the use of types, mainly divided into: desk, competent units, head of staff meeting table, desk.

From the use of occasions, there are mainly offices, open type of staff office, conference room, reading room, book information room, training room, teaching and research, laboratory, staff quarters, etc..

Screen desk: the office table, which is divided into different regions through the screen, is usually a few of the mosaic.

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