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how to select the solar pv installers.

Dec 6, 2015

Since solar energy is a clean energy, its application is growing rapidly in the world. The use of solar light to generate electricity is a way of using solar energy.But the cost of building a solar power system is still relatively high. From the cost of solar power generation in China at present, the cost of the solar cell module is about 60-70%.Thus, for solar pv installers, in order to more fully effective use of solar energy, how to select the PV array azimuth and tilt angle is a very important issue.


     Solar panel array azimuth is simulation of vertical surface and south direction angle (Xiang Dongpian set negative point of view, West partial set positive point of view).Under normal circumstances, the phalanx toward South (i.e. matrix vertical face and the South angle of 0 degrees), solar panels for electricity quantity is the biggest.

     2,Inclination angle

     Inclination angle is the angle between the plane and the horizontal plane of the solar cell array, and it is hoped that the angle of the angle is the angle of the maximum power generation in a year.In solar pv installers's view, the optimal tilt angle of a year is related to the local geographic latitude, and when the dimension is higher, the corresponding tilt angle is also larger.

     When solar pv installers calculate the amount of power generation, we get the premise that the square of the matrix is completely without shadow.

     Open the junction box

     Solar pv installers put the M4 word screwdriver in accordance with the junction box labeled insert the mounting hole on the box cover within, the corner of the gently lifted, so the first edge on the four corners of the lift, you can open the lid of the box. Inside the box wiring cover, lift it can see three terminals.

     Wiring panels

     There are positive and negative signs on the side of the left and right two terminals, which represent the positive and negative of the output voltage of the battery, in accordance with the demand of the positive electrode, negative electrode.Wiring by mechanical clamping way,solar pv installers use M4 Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw terminal pinch, will pass through the cable gland after G7 peeled wire, insert the wire hole, the line pressed.When the wires are connected well, solar pv installers will be the door lid, and then cross screwdriver will self tapping screw is screwed into the screw hole, after fixing the junction box cover is complete to the wiring of the battery plate.

     Grounding of battery plate

     In the back of the solar panels are mounted ground screw, solar pv installers

 fixed the ground wire to the ground screw, so that it can be safely grounded

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