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introduce to you the disadvantages of biofuels

Dec 6, 2015

Weigh the disadvantages of biofuels:The rising world food prices, which has made people began to re evaluate the development of disadvantages of biofuels. There may be multiple reasons of rising food prices, but the fuel must escape the blame. Because of the economic benefits of the cultivation of fuel crops are greater than the consumption of crops, many of the applications for food crops cultivated as a breeding ground for fuel crops. The problem of food shortage, which is not only human beings, but also the domestic animals, because they are all made of food.

     In February of this year, the EU Energy Minister set up an indicator, requiring the use of biofuels in the transport system to upgrade to 10% in 2020. In fact, most countries in the world are trying to ease the growing energy crisis, the world has billions of dollars in the development and application of bio fuels.

     A spokesman for the world economic cooperation organization stressed that the pros and cons of disadvantages of biofuels is still in the discussion stage, the final conclusion is still too early. However, the correct and reasonable application of bio fuels should be integrated into consideration of its economic success, the impact on the environment, as well as the degree of harmony with the whole social development, and not because it is a new technology, it is overall recognition.

     On the one hand, the raw material for bio fuels is safe, less pollution, and it creates new revenue channels for the farmers. On the other hand, the development of food price increases and the development of bio fuels has the contradiction, which has become one of the factors that the international energy price is not stable. In addition, the biofuels means the environmental protection of the definition is not impeccable, although non-toxic harmless, but burned to produce large amounts of carbon dioxide will undoubtedly exacerbate global greenhouse effect.

     In fact, when the first generation of bio fuels is put into use, it has been suggested that people have different views on disadvantages of biofuels. To a certain extent, the cost of bio fuel production is expensive, and the pollution of the environment is likely to exceed the oil and other fossil fuels. However, technological innovation can always give people a strong confidence, it is still in the research and development phase of the second generation of ethanol fuel more focused on the use of waste. Since the study of the second generation of biofuels is not yet complete, the future of disadvantages of biofuels is pending.

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