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here I give you some examples of biofuels

Dec 6, 2015

examples of biofuels---Brazil makes the biological energy superpower

     Brazil's renewable energy accounts for 44.7% of the country's energy, while the world average is only 13.3%. Brazil's renewable energy is mainly ethanol and hydropower, in which the proportion of ethanol is increasing.

According to the Ministry of mineral resources of Brazil Province, 2005 sugar cane energy in the country to produce 2.186 tons of oil equivalent energy accounted for 13.9%. Currently, bio energy has become Brazil's third largest energy. It is estimated that by 2010, the construction of more than 100 sugar cane ethanol distillation plant will be half put into operation, when bio energy will exceed the energy and electricity can be jumped to Brazil's second largest energy.

examples of biofuels---US optimistic about biofuels

     Once published in the State of the Union, former US President George W. Bush requested in 10 years would reduce US oil consumption by 20%.One way is to use renewable energy, such as bio fuels, alternative to the car's consumption of 15% of oil consumption, while by improving the use of fuel efficiency to reduce the oil consumption of 5%. Saving the amount of 20%, equivalent to the current American oil imports from the Middle East 75%.

Bush suggested that by 2017, the output of ethanol and other renewable fuels increased by nearly 5 times, reaching 132475000000 liters per year, equivalent to nearly 9 times the U.S. ethanol fuel production in 2005.

examples of biofuels---The EU to promote the development of bio energy

     In May 2003, the EU adopted a directive to promote the use of biofuels in the transport sector. In accordance with this directive, by the end of 2005, the use of bio fuels in the EU should reach 2% of the fuel market, by the end of 5.75% to reach 2010, by 2020, the fuel used for transportation is 20% of new fuels.

The large-scale promotion of bio energy is of great significance to the German energy strategy. At present, bio energy has accounted for more than 60% of the German renewable energy market. Sources of bio energy, including energy plants, wood, biogas, biodegradable household garbage and industrial waste, etc.. In promoting the first generation of bio energy, large-scale commercial applications, while Germany is also stepping up the development of more economic and environmental protection of the second generation of bio energy". The new generation of bio energy technology will directly use agricultural straw, wood, sawdust and animal waste as energy raw materials, in order to effectively solve the ecological problems existing in the development of bio energy, and lower production costs, energy conversion efficiency and quality.

examples of biofuels---Biodiesel of Southeast Asia

     South East Asian governments and companies have spent heavily in the development of bio diesel industry, in the construction of bio diesel factories throughout the country, and thus become the main supplier of bio diesel in the future western Europe and North america.

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