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Development of Chinese solar panels companies in the next few years

Dec 6, 2015

China's solar panels companies battery industry is in a rapid growth phase, in the growing period. Improve the industry chain and enhance the ability of independent innovation of technology will be the development trend of China's solar panels companies in the next few years.

     Global solar panels companies ranked solar cell market analysis recently, foreign research institutions in accordance with the output power, released the world's ten largest solar panels companies ranking. In the list, the Chinese manufacturers results extremely dazzling, Trina Solar, Yingli Green Energy Holdings, Artes sunshine power, Hanwha energy, crystal, energy holdings, JA solar and Renesola seven Chinese companies on the list and firmly occupy the position in the front of the list, which Trina ranked first. In addition, the two companies in Japan and the United States have a list of companies. In addition to the list of Chinese manufacturers in the solar cell industry dominance, has been China is the world's largest solar cell market, and China's overseas solar panels manufacturers more closed, so the Chinese solar panels companies in the solar cell industry's outstanding performance in the sense of. However, affected by the domestic economic downturn, China's solar cell market showed sluggish state, overcapacity crisis highlights, which requires caused by domestic manufacturers vigilance.

Solar cell, also known as photovoltaic solar photovoltaic, is a kind of photovoltaic semiconductor thin film, which has two kinds of thin film solar cells and thin film solar cells. 2015-2020 China solar battery industry market outlook and investment strategy planning analysis report shows that in 2014 the global crystalline silicon solar cells and components of the demand for 35GW, while the past year, the Chinese crystalline silicon cells and components production capacity of 40GW, much higher than the global demand. Domestic solar cell capacity over the issue to be resolved, the next few years, digestion and domestic production of excess solar cells will be the main theme of the industry development.

     Therefore, to actively expand the solar cell consumption market will be an important means.  force of new energy vehicle charging station, with rapid development of the promotion of new energy vehicles in China, photovoltaic power charging station will be promising;force portable solar energy products, such as solar mobile power supply, open outdoor tourism market opportunities, the same can drive the growth of the solar cell market.

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