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the development of future development of cheap solar power in China

Dec 6, 2015

According to China's cheap solar resource-rich degree of classification standards.Zhejiang province is the solar energy resource area III.The total annual solar radiation is about 1124 ~ 1368 kwh / square meter, the annual average sunshine hours arer 1650 - 2105 hours,cumulative average annual sunshine hours over six hours of available days for 153 to 200 days. 

     According to the "planning", "Twelfth Five Year" period, Zhejiang province will be combined with the construction, actively support the roof photovoltaic power generation projects, and vigorously promote the application of cheap solar utilization technology.

     One is the city building roof photovoltaic power generation project. Actively implement the national solar power demonstration projects, and strive for national special subsidies.By 2015, the province's total installed capacity of photovoltaic power up to 340000 kilowatts or more.By 2030, cheap solar photovoltaic power generation technology has been further promoted, the province's total installed capacity of 1500000 kilowatts.

    Two is cheap solar thermal utilization project. Further popularization and application of solar water heater.In rural areas, in order to promote the county-level administrative region as a whole; in towns, expanding the use of residential, urban hospitals, hotels, public baths, stadiums and schools and other public buildings, expand the application fields of industry, aquaculture and farming.Test Research on cheap solar thermal power generation as soon as possible. By 2015, the total area of the province's solar water heater reached 20000000 square meters, the popularity of solar water heaters in rural areas reached more than 30%. By 2020, to improve the degree of integration of solar energy and building, expand the application of solar water heater in the field of industrial production, agricultural cultivation and other fields, the total area of solar water heaters reached 40000000 square meters. By 2030, the province's total area of solar water heaters reached 60000000 square meters.

     In addition, the "planning"has defined the safeguards development of solar photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources, will strengthen the legislative building at the local, planning to play a coordinating role, strengthening technological innovation support.

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