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Inspection and maintenance of cheap solar cells

Dec 6, 2015

1, check the cheap solar cells to ensure that if it is damaged, to achieve timely detection, timely replacement.

2, check the connection line of cheap solar cells and ground wire whether good contact, there is no loss phenomenon.

3, check the junction box wiring whether there is a fever.

4, check the battery plate bracket there is no loose and fracture phenomenon.

5, check the battery plate around the cover of the weed.

6, check the battery plate surface has no cover.

7, check the surface of the cheap solar cells, cleaned if it is necessary.

8, the cleaning of the cheap solar cells to identify.

9, windy weather to deal with the battery plate and bracket for key inspection.

10, snow days in response to the battery plates were cleared up, avoid the battery plate surface area of frozen snow.

11, heavy rain should check all the waterproof seal is good, there is no leakage phenomenon.

12, check whether there are animals into the power plant to destroy the battery plate.

13, hail weather to deal with the surface of the battery plate key inspection.

14, the detection of the battery plate temperature, and the temperature of the environment is analyzed.

15, to the examination of the problem to be dealt with in a timely manner, analysis, summary.

16, to do a detailed record of each inspection, in order to facilitate future analysis.

17, do analysis summary records and archives.

Test method:

(1) solar irradiance and solar cell temperature factors determines the output power of the solar modules. Therefore, the measurement of solar cell module was carried out at standard conditions (STC), the standard definition of terms:

Air quality AM1.5, light intensity 1000W/m2, temperature 25.

(2) open circuit voltage: with 500W halogen tungsten lamp, 0 ~ 250V AC transformer, the intensity is set to 3.8~4.0 million LUX, the distance between the lamp and the test platform is about 15-20CM, the test value is open circuit voltage;

(3) in this condition, the maximum power output of the solar cell module is called a peak power, in many cases, the peak power of the component is usually measured by a solar simulator. The main factors that affect the output performance of solar cell module are as follows:

1) load impedance

2) sunshine intensity

3) temperature

4) shadow

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