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future development of cheap solar power

Dec 6, 2015

In recent years, the domestic solar energy market will be faster development, the current residential and public construction and other hot water projects accounted for 40% of the entire domestic market. With the continuous development of cheap solar power building integration and support of government policies at all levels, cheap solar power project unified design, unified construction, unified acceptance of the way has been rapid development.

     At the same time, the cheap solar power project is safe, reliable, long service life, low maintenance cost, easy to combine with the construction and other advantages, more and more by the Design Institute, developers and property and other related aspects of recognition.

     Solar water heater in our country has been applied for more than 20 years of history, it has experienced the copper and aluminum composite plate, ultrasonic slab welding, laser welding of plate type development.With the increasing emphasis on building energy conservation, the Ministry of construction has promulgated the renewable energy city model, green building identification assessment and other measures, as the building energy saving the greatest potential of solar energy will be greater development and utilization. Industry experts believe that the flat panel solar collector has the advantages of safe, efficient, pressure, easy to building integration, development of a greater development space.

According to domestic industry experts predict that the next two years domestic solar energy industry will be more than 100% growth rate, the annual average growth rate of not less than 5 in the next 50% years, will be far higher than the overall growth rate of domestic solar thermal market.

     From the collector water one machine to water and electricity application, from solar energy science and technology to the solar energy to taste, as long as you are good at discovering, with the intention to create, these are more environmentally friendly energy-saving solar home appliances, cheap solar power provids convenient life for us , but also for the future of the blue sky to make a contribution.

     Do you think, in the day, the light, heating, landscape lights, cooking can use cheap solar power, then the rest of the large amount of resources will be better preserved, and we will enter an interesting solar era.

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