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you must know these if you want to build a solar panel

Dec 6, 2015

Do you want clean renewable energy for free? Do you want to cut your monthly bill? Try making your own solar panels! Make your own solar cell plate, can save considerable commercial frame cost, and the performance is great!If you want to build a solar panel,some things have to be noticed.

     1.When you want to build a solar panel, you must understand the relevant size of solar cells: solar cell standard size is 156 mm x 156 mm size, sometimes the size of 125 mm x 125 mm. To build solar panels of different sizes, the size of the solar cell block is required to be cut. After the battery block is tested, it can be cut with a solar cell laser cutting machine. Some technical indexes are the index of numerical control machine tools.

     2.To build a solar panel,you must measurement and shear plate.You need to use a non conducting material sheet made of installed solar cell plate. Will be more than a piece of solar cells into the size of your hope, and then measure the size, cut out a piece of the same size of the thin plate.At the ends of the thin plate 5, 4 cm of the blank edge. The blank side will be used to connect wires placed together in each block of solar cells.

     3.To build a solar panel,you must measure and cut all the lead wires.If you observe the polycrystalline silicon solar panel carefully, you will see in one direction (longitudinal direction) have many threads, and in another direction (short side direction) with two thick wireYou need to connect two thick wires behind the battery plate with the lead wire, and connect to the next solar cell block. Measure the length of the wire length, two times the length of the cut to cut a lead wire, each solar cell block to prepare two such a lead wire.

     4.To build a solar panel,you must soft to the back of the battery.In solar cell block behind each of the three pieces for a group, using flux pen, then use silver solder first half lead wire soldering to the three pieces.

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