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How much to spend on biogas plant cost

Dec 6, 2015

 Biogas utilization has many benefits such as economy, society, ecology and so on. Among them, some can be used to measure the value of money, some difficult to monetary; some can be quantitative, some difficult to quantify. In addition, the size of the biogas benefit is closely related to the level of comprehensive utilization. Biogas as fuel for cooking and a biogas as fuel, biogas slurry, biogas residue for culturing of edible fungi, economic benefit is obviously different. Generally, the higher the comprehensive utilization, the more remarkable the benefit, the more complex the project evaluation.I use the biogas plant cost method to evaluate the direct economic benefits of the 8 m 3 m in the south of the country.

     biogas plant cost---Build pool fee

     including materials (cement, sand, steel, paint), labor costs (skilled and unskilled laborer labor remuneration and hospitality, etc.) and supporting device fee (cooking appliances, lamps and lanterns, pressure gauge, pipeline etc.) can be calculated according to the quantity and the unit price. The cost of building a pool varies from place to place, now take for 1200 yuan, which costs 830 yuan, accounting for 69.17%; labor costs 200 yuan, accounting for 16.67%; equipment costs 150 yuan, accounting for 12.5%; other non predictable costs 20 yuan, accounting for 1.67%.

     biogas plant cost---feeding fee

     raw materials for fermentation of manure, the gas production rate is higher and the import material labor. The feeding rate can be calculated by the annual output of livestock and livestock. Because there is no exact price of manure inconvenience calculation, approximateas and output of biogas fertilizer efficiency, are ignored.

     biogas plant cost---management fees

     including large out of the material (in a year) and maintenance (at one time), the average annual cost of 100 yuan.

     biogas plant cost---maintenance cost

     maintenance cost here is the maintenance cost of maintenance materials, parts costs, an average of 25 yuan per year. Management fees and maintenance costs for the composition of the operating costs of biogas, 125 yuan per year. Which accounted for 80% of labor costs.

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