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Do you know what the biogas definition is

Dec 6, 2015

Biogas definition:The organic matter under anaerobic conditions, through fermentation of microorganisms to produce a mixed gas.Biogas, by biogas definition is swamp gas. People often see, in the marshes, gutter or septic tanks, there are bubbles coming out, if we paddled a match, it could ignite, which is naturally occurring methane nature. Since this gas was first discovered in the swamp, so we called biogas. Human and animal feces, straw, sewage and other organic matter in a closed digester, anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions fermentation, biogas class range of microbial decomposition and transformation, thereby generating biogas. Biogas is a mixture of gases that can burn. Biogas is a combustible gas by microbial anaerobic digestion of organic matter produced.

     Methane is a mixture of gases, generally containing methane 70% ~ 50, and the rest for carbon dioxide and a small amount of nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide, etc.. Its characteristics are similar to natural gas. Biogas in addition to direct combustion for cooking, drying of agricultural and sideline products, heating, lighting and gas welding external and internal combustion engine fuel and production of methanol, formaldehyde, carbon tetrachloride and other chemical raw materials. The liquid and sediment discharge of biogas fermentation device, contains rich nutrients, can be used as fertilizer and feed.

     From the biogas definition we can see that the methane has a lot of advantage:diversity,materiality,recyclable and environmental protection,inhibition of crude oil prices,Leading.

     According to the biogas definition, we can see its development prospects.At present, countries in the world have begun to use biogas as fuel and used in lighting. The effect of using biogas instead of gasoline and diesel engine is also very good. As a rural energy, it has many advantages. For example, the construction of a per capita l - 1.5 square meters of fermentation tank, you can basically solve the seasons of the year firewood and lighting problems; to people, livestock manure and crop straw, weeds and other, the post fermentation, both to generate biogas, also can be used as fertilizer and due to the maturity of high efficiency higher, manure biogas raw material after the fermentation, the vast majority of parasite eggs were killed can improve health conditions in rural areas, reduce the disease infection. Now, the application of biogas is the vast rural areas, the development and utilization of biogas energy, has achieved good results. 

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