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Development history of stainless steel materials

Dec 5, 2015

There is no doubt that stainless steel materials are now widely used in many fields, especially in our national construction field. Steel sheets are flat steel sheets that are made of molten steels, they are cooled down to steel sheets. There are many shapes of steel sheets, such as flat steel sheets and rectangle steel sheets. 

Steel sheets have many usages, in this essay, it will briefly tell us the development history of stainless steel materials.

The first stainless steel sheet production line was established in America in 1937, that marked the development beginning of stainless steel materials. In 1942, America established the first continuous stainless steel sheet production line. Currently, stainless steel materials have been developing for more than 70 years. stainless steel materials products can be used in many fields, such as construction field, household appliances, ships and cars, container manufacturing industry and mechanical industry and other fields. stainless steel materials products are almost used in every aspect in our real life. 

In recent years, the demand for stainless steel materials is continuously increasing, and the production capacity is continuously increasing. For example, many countries in the world have a large demand for stainless steel materials, such as America and Japan. stainless steel materials account for a large proportion in steels, which can reach up tp 13% to 15%. Stainless steel materials used in cars can effectively prolong the service life of cars. They have good corrosion resistance performances and other good performances. All these advantages can ensure good usage of stainless steel materials. It is estimated that stainless steel materials will have a wider application in the future.

In conclusion, above tells us the development history of stainless steel materials.

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