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The best strongest double sided tape in the world

Dec 5, 2015

Product details of strongest double sided tape:

     Material: BOPP

     Use: Carton Sealing

     Adhesive Side: Double Sided

     Adhesive: hot melt, water based acrylic, solvent based acrylic

     Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

     Color: white tissue, black tissue

     Release Paper:  White release paper, Yellow glassin release paper

Recommended use of strongest double sided tape: thicker off paper to facilitate the processing of peace.

Product advantagesof strongest double sided tape:

     Due to the strongest double sided tape with high resistance to temperature of the modified acrylic glue, so will have excellent adhesion performance and excellent resistance to high temperature performance, which is especially suitable for bonding under high temperature conditions.Strongest double sided tape used in the environment where high temperature is needed, such as the microwave oven, electric oven, bread machine, electric iron, etc.. Because of the special resistant high temperature glue and uses high performance special foam, so it can be long withstand the temperature of 160 degrees, and, of course, it also has excellent resistance to low temperature performance, can long survive temperatures of minus 20 degrees. We are the unique properties of double-sided tape, designed for harsh environment design, has excellent weather resistance, excellent performance! Excellent quality! 

Main function and application of strongest double sided tape:

     Generally widely used in leather, Ming board, stationery, electronics, automotive trim, shoes, paper, handicrafts paste positioning, etc.. Hot melt adhesive is mainly used in stickers, stationery, office, etc.. Oily glue is mainly used in leather, pearl cotton, sponge shoes, products with high viscosity. Embroidery double-sided adhesive mainly used in computer embroidery.

     Strongest double sided tape has a lot of kinds: grid double-sided tape, fill strong double-sided adhesive tape, rubber double-sided tape, double-sided high temperature tape, non-woven double-sided tape, no residual double-sided adhesive tape, paper double-sided tape, double-sided tape glass cloth, pet double-sided adhesive tape foam, double-sided adhesive tape, and so, used in the production process of all walks of life.

Company Advantages:

     1. Stable financial status and sound reputation as a state invested corporation under the direct administration of the State Council of PRC;

     2. CNBM’s world wide influence as one of the 500 global fortunes specializing in building materials including adhesive tapes;

     3. More than a decade’s exporting experience and technology in adhesive tape industry;

     4. Preferencial shipping channels, with a separate team dealing with shipping.

Price problem of strongest double sided tape:The offer is all our best price, declined to bargain! Please forgive me!


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